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Commercial Propery & Landlord Services - DIY Dave - Newbury Handyman

Do you rent out property local to Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford in Berkshire?

Do you live out of town or even out of the UK?

s;fvsuoiShould you have one or a multiple of rental property ownership, there is a frequent variety of maintenance issues that need to be sorted as soon as they arise and being local all my life, if I cannot sort it with my own expertise along with family owned rental property, then I also have many professional and reputable local trades contacts to call upon.

Tenants can often show their dissatisfaction in unexpected ways and without necessarily voicing their concerns; i.e. missed or partial rent payments, lengthening arrears, increased property damage, reporting of health issues to Government Authorities, a general lack of domestic cleaning and don't often tell you why or when they are leaving - any of these can cause major or significant delays and additional costs at the end of term, not to mention a de-valuation of your property and reputation.

Relatively minor maintenance issues can grow into larger more expensive repairs very quickly and keeping a property in good order throughout a tenancy agreement will show your tenant that you care for their welfare as well as keeping an eye on your own investment!.

I can maintain your property with various levels of agreement and contact the tenant at your request, arrange a visit that suits and report back to you as necessary.

I will take care of all the little everyday jobs as listed in my services, my wife Jill and her team can carry out a basic or deep clean of the vacated premises.

We can prepare and project manage any larger jobs or specific trades to ensure a double quick turn around is ready for your next tenants occupancy, saving you time, money and numerous phone calls to coordinate each individual trade and service facility.

We currently service several rental premises with a varying degree of maintenance levels and can discuss any requirements or concerns you may have.

Vehicle Movements > Courier, Move Files
Office Relocation > Manage & Move Location
Health & Safety > Hang Fire Extinguisher, Fire Doors
Health & Safety > Hang Signs, Cigarette Bins
Front Entrance > Maintain & Keep Tidy
Cloakrooms > Install New, Tiling, General Plumbing
Boardroom > Erect Table, Paint, Pictures
Boardroom > Mount Projector & Screen
Insurance > Fit Window Locks, Fire Doors
Electrical > Replace Light Tubes & Starters
Electrical > Replace Switch & Sockets
Plumbing > General Repairs, Leaks

Filing Cabinets > Replacement Keys/Locks, Move, Repair
Shelving > Create Despatch Area, Archive Room
Racking > Assemble, Relocate
Desking > Flatpack, Flatten, Build, Relocate
Security > Lights, Locks
Kitchen > Install Units, Worktop, Flooring, Tiling
Parking > Posts, Keep Area Tidy
Locks > Replace, Fit Extra
Doors > Handles, Closers, Adjust, Refit, Paint
Walls > Hang Signage, Notice Boards, Pictures
General Maintenance
Paint & Decorating

Maintaining your business property is a continual task and is likely to be important to you as having your car regularly serviced. Without regular maintenance your most valuable asset can soon look downtrodden, reflecting on you and your business. Therefore, it makes economic business sense to hire a Handyman regularly for a few hours every month or two to keep your property looking good! Email me with your ever increasing to-do list

Please call 07940 876812 for a free quotation.


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