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SASH WINDOWS - How to keep sash windows working!

Rub sashes and runners occasionally with soap or a white wax candle, the windows will move more easily and the sashes will last longer.

CURTAIN RAIL - How to ease a sticking curtain rail!

If curtain rails are sticking , give them a wipe with furniture polish and clean off.

WALL PLUG - How to remove a tight wall plug!

To remove a tight wallplug, put a fairly tight screw in about halfway, then pull the screw and plug out with pliers.

CHIPPED PAINT - How to touch up a small area of chipped paint!

When you need to touch up small areas of chipped paint, use a cotton bud - no brush to clean !

USED PAINT - How to store used paint tins!

Before storing used paint tins, make a paint line around the outside of the tin at the paint level. At a glance you can see the colour & amount left.

PAINT SMELL - How to disguise the smell of fresh paint!

Try standing a bowl of water, or a bowl of vinegar, or a peeled and cut onion in a newly-painted room overnight to remove the smell.

PAINT SAMPLE - How to shop for soft furnishings!

Dab some paint on a white card to use as a colour guide when shopping for new furnishings.

FROZEN LOCK - How to prevent the car lock from freezing!

To prevent the lock on a car from freezing in cold weather, try covering it with sticky tape.

RUBBER GLOVES - How to make rubber gloves last longer !

When rubber gloves are new turn them inside out and place a strip of sticking plaster across the top of each finger. This also protects your nails!

FIRELIGHTERS - How to start a BBQ!

Forget firelighters, try using thoroughly dried potato peelings, lemon or orange rind to start a fire.

DRAWERS - How to ease stiff drawer runners!

Rub a candle along the runners to ease awkward drawers.

HOUSE ON HOLIDAY - How to leave a house for a few days!

When going away for a few days, cut a fresh lemon in half and leave it in the kitchen. The room should smell lovely and fresh on your return.

WHITE GARDEN TABLE - How to clean a white garden table!

If a white garden table is looking dull and dirty, try cleaning it with a Brillo pad. It should come up like new.

CREAKING HINGE - How to stop a creaking door hinge!

And no WD40! - Try rubbing a creaking hinge with a soft lead pencil, petroleum jelly or furniture polish and they should stop creaking.

CREAKING HINGE - How to stop a creaking door hinge on holiday!

On holiday! Try a thin coating of your moisturiser or a drip of washing up liquid rubbed in, then open & shut the hinge a few times.

HAND ODOUR - How to clean odours on hands!

Remove the smell of fish, onion or garlic from your hands by dampening them and rubbing with salt or a little dry mustard. Wash and rinse.

VACUUM AROMA - How to have a nice smelling vacuum!

After emptying your vacuum cleaner, put a small handful of fresh or dried herbs into the bag or cylinder. The fragrance will help freshen rooms each time you vacuum.

NARROW VASE - How to clean a narrow vase!

To clean the inside of a narrow vase, put 1 tsp of dry rice into it, then top up with a hot, soapy solution and shake vigorously.

BLUNT SCISSORS - How to sharpen blunt scissors!

Try sharpening scissors by drawing the blades back and forth around the neck of a glass bottle as if you were trying to cut the top off OR cut through a sheet of glasspaper

CIGARETTE SMOKE - How to remove cigarette smoke!

A saucer of vinegar left in a room overnight may remove traces of cigarette smoke.

STIFF ZIP - How to ease a stiff zip!

Try rubbing a soft lead pencil or white candle wax up and down a stiff zip while it is closed and it will run more smoothly.

LEGO BRICKS - How to clean childrens building blocks?

To clean Lego bricks, try putting them in a pillowcase tying the top, maybe along with a couple of towels to soften the edges. Wash them in the machine at 30C and then spin dry. They'll look like new.

OVEN - How to clear lingering smells in the oven?

After cleaning the oven, get rid of any lingering smells by putting a few pieces of orange peel inside and turning the oven on to a low setting for 10 minutes.

LIDS - How to remove a metal lid stuck on glass jar!

When a metal lid is hard to remove from a glass jar, try holding it under a hot tap. The metal will expand faster than the glass and should be easier to take off.

Just use with care - All these tips offered have stood the test of time and we cannot be held responsible for anything that may not work or maybe damage something very precious to you!

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